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  If you can say YES to just one of these its time to connect:

* Are you great at what you do but you just aren’t making enough?

* Do you feel as if you are leveling up in the industry but not in life as a hairstylist?

* You want help strategizing on moving to YOUR next level?

* Are you a winner and know you a winner but need help being a winner?

* Got potential but need help pulling it out?

  Can you say YES? if  so it's time to connect: 

* Are you super popular but it doesn’t reflect in your bank account?

* Are you super popular but it doesn’t reflect when its time to make your next move?

* Do you feel ALL alone and overwhelmed you know you have potential but you want 





Let's Connect!

* Are you planning to start a business but you don’t know where to start?

* Do you feel misunderstood through your process?

* Random Hair Questions that you feel you should already know but apprehensive to


* You need an industry professional sounding board who isn’t judgmental and gossipy?

* You want a Mentor/Coach who truly has your BEST interest in mind?

I will guide you through a process of building your success story in a no judgment zone but a zone of FREEDOM to grow! I will guide you through a process of everyone does not have to be your fan to be successful! Yet being able to capitalize 


I sat in classes where attendees were lost amongst a crowd of movers and shakers and I just wanted to go hug them and say I got you because I saw there apprehension due to the audience seeming so far ahead of them or the educator seeming so far head they have no time to nurture or coddle you because time is up. I see you I've seen I feel you


This is MY WAY OF giving you a HUG and telling you I got you!

Your Time Is Now! 

Some of you are BOLD and Fierce and still need help getting to the next level

Some of you are shy with a bit of anxiety and need help to get to next level

Some of you are even kill yet need help getting to next level

Some of you might be a combination and don’t know how to channel it to get to next level 

Let's Tackle your goals where you are at customized 


No worry about tone of voice did you say this right did you come off correctly as long as we have the same goal which is getting you to your NEXT level You will never have to wither or wonder with me as your coach


Give me a HUG get your session I GOT YOU!

COACH Sessions

These are for people who want REAL RESULTS Real Time NO flashing lights and MAJOR Hype this is about winning as a professional and simultaneously in life.

I always longed for someone to teach me something guide me and hold my hand through the process the learning curb no matter what and that’s why I'm offering this because I know what it feels like to not have it and the magnitudes you can grow and maximize when you do have it.


Tired of Working Hard yet taking home minimal income? Want to make more money this year? Do you want  professional NO JUDGEMENT Zone?

A Place to sound board to your next level? Are you a industry affiliate non-hairstylist  that wants to connect more with your audience through understanding  with  but want to make your presence STRONGER your words stronger from someone who understands the Industry challenges & lingo? Want more clients?

Although "Success is liking yourself and liking what you're doing" - Maya Angelou Sometimes success can look deceiving if you are wowed by the things you think gets you to the next level

I'm going to REMOVE the smoke and mirrors and we are going to get down to BRASS TACTICS!


Get your monthly coaching session today!

LIVE connection  tired of getting information and then left cold. I always knew I had a mass amount of potential yet I just want to work with someone who saw it all in me yearningly wanting to make a lifetime connection of growth someone who would talk straight to me not about me someone who had compassion for my journey someone who understands personality no judgments LET ME TELL YO that is few and far between looks and conversation can be disappointingly deceiving. . Lets talk about how to enlist MENTORS how to  MAXIMIZE not only in career but in LIFE! Creating your own curriculum of success. Setting GOALS and achieving them HOW to literally make something out of nothing. How to survive as  technician  / business owner / Entrepreneur.

COACHKimbe says "Learn from my Pain to Progress"

Smart man learns from his mistakes a wise man learns from others mistakes.

CONTACT me lets tackle these goals through rain sleet snow and sunshine through it ll lets tackle these goal. As a youth my father died, grand parents, brother killed, niece died and countless others that makes me emotionally hard yet soft compassionate and understanding to the needs of all . As a hairstylist just with my cosmetology license  I have been able to style luminaries, work on sets, own businesses work for major product lines aquire Real Estate Educate train take companies to 30% growth behind the scenes mentor upcoming professional. Seasoned and trained to assist you in reaching your goals if you are a 1 adult household I can take you there because I did it. So if you can get there as 1 you no doubt get there as 2

I would be honored to HELP you achieve your goals not on social media not through a whole bunch of internet words but IN REAL LIFE ! Let's GO!!!!!

If you waiting to have money

you not ready to make money

START Today A year from today you may have wished you did.. I'm offering this to you because I wish someone would have offered this to me genuinely! I GET it I understand NO matter if you are a beginner or VET I GOT YOU! If you want it lets go get it

Some of you are want more clients?

Some of you want more money

Some of you are just flat out BROKE

Some of you want to start a business

If you want it lets go get it


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